Building Value In Everything We Do – Case Studies

Many companies use the word “value” liberally but rarely define what it is as an expectation of performance.  At C.W. Brown, we don’t take the word “value” for granted.  “Building value” simply means that we ensure that the infrastructure investments are:

  • Completed on time and on budget.  Making this happen is what we get paid to do and we do it all the time.
  • Designed and built for structural integrity that exceeds expectations and saves money.  Our attention to detail on every project translates to the kind of workmanship that last longer and costs less to maintain over the long run.
  • Managed from start-to-finish for smooth and seamless project integration.  We connect the dots on projects to reduce unnecessary time loss and cost overruns.
  • Engineered to leverage our vast access to the resources and relationships that position your project for success right from the start.

From project conception to completion, we never forget that your success is our success.  Building value in everything we do means something.

Since 1984, C.W. Brown has been delivering real value.

But don’t take our word for it.  Our clients are the best validation of our ability to exceed expectations on any size project.  Listen in.

The Dannon Company

$9 million Discovery and Innovation Center

When The Dannon Company needed a firm to build its state-of-the-art Discovery and Innovation Center, C.W. Brown was their choice for construction management.  The 14,000-square-feet facility included several complex labs for fruit and flavor, packaging, consumer testing, production and quality.  This highly specialized facility provides Dannon with the range and flexibility to produce many different styles of yogurt across a wide range of small volumes.

C.W. Brown not only managed the construction of the various labs within the Center but also oversaw the build out for areas within the center specifically designed for team collaboration, focus groups and sensory testing.

Exceeding expectations was our deliverable to Dannon.

We do it everyday.

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